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Boom Barrier With RFID Reader in Delhi NCR Features; Radio frequency identification or RFID technology is a popular technical advancement in the market nowadays which is being used in commercial complexes and residential societies. The key benefits of RFID Vehicle Access Control solution are as follows:  It will save the deployment of Security Guard because it is intelligence smart parking system.  You can see In-Out report of the vehicles in the software which will be installed in your computer.  RFID technology can monitor the movement of vehicles very efficiently.  We can easily get the information of vehicle number and driver immediately. This will help to facilitate the entry of registered vehicles into the premises.  Unauthorize person will not be able to enter the parking. This will help to the increase the parking space and there will be no problem related to parking space.
Residential Society Main Gate Boom Barrier Specifications:- Electro-mechanical, which is widely used due to its reliability. The other technologies are often manufacturer specific. These electro-mechanical device comes with AC drive unit which can run continuously without generating heat, so electromechanical boom barriers can be operated continuously and in an intensive duty cycle. Advanced Features: Clutch key can be used to release the clutch when power off. Fan cooling machine reduces the motor temperature by high frequency using, and never get over-heated. Unique temperature calefaction design for low temperature using, prevent freezing in cold weather. Exactitude aluminum alloy die-casting motor base reduces the noise and joint abrasion to prolong the barrier gate working life. Thimble type motor worm design for preventing plugging up in using. Basic Features: Safe---the barrier will automatically go back when meet obstacles during closing. •AC motor is more powerful and no maintenance. •Boom can be chosen from 3 meters to 6 meters, and barrier closing time is also arranged from 1 second to 6 seconds. •All the operation process is soft without any noise and shaking. •Infrared photocell interface, Loop detector interface and IC system interface are reserved for the other functions. •Green light and red light are used inside for indication the position of the boom Optional.
Tripod Turnstile Supplier In Delhi NCR ASN-1000  Auto replacement function, reposition after person pass by  Anti tail function auto-lock once turn 120°  Arms auto drop when power off , insure unblocked when accident  Standard electronic interface, remote control through internet which is also could connect variety card readers and receive relay signal to work  Diverse control mode optional, changeable due to varying, convenient for your manage  Auto alert error function, comfort for user maintain and operate  Manual button or remote control , Bi-directional passage  Open signal with memory or without set function  Red and green light to show pass or stop, leisure to exit and entrance. Key Features  Cabinet & Internal Structure is in 304 SS grade.  Length of Swing Arm 500 to 550mm  With drop arm features  Unlock Time 0.2 second  Passing Speed 30-40 Person/Min.  Passing Width 500-550mm  Power Supply AC220, 50/60Hz  Operational Voltage Motor (24V)  Working Temp (-25°C to +75°C)  Protection Level 55IP  Electro Mechanical Drive DC  Dimension Excluding Bars (H980xW(480-1200)xD280mm)  Maximum power consumption 60W