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Windshield Tag Supplier In Delhi NCR Short Brief about Windshield Tag; The communication is important in this epoch. The prominent reason for the windshield tag which is a essentially the code identifier. The codes will signify the perpendicular lines of diverse groups of the number assembled on the piece of paper. The classification and also the tracking of the product/Vehicles that provides the entire information about the product/Vehicle. Each product/Vehicle is tagged with the windshield tag. The advantage of the windshield tag is:- • Provides the unique identity of the product/Vehicle. • Enables the record information to the system • No tampering can be done • Security systems • Used in the most of the retail shops/Society/Malls/Hospital etc. • Implicates on the metal as well Technical Parameters Frequency 865~925 MHz Standard ISO18000-6C Chip Type Alien H3 EPC Generation EPC Gen 2 (Ver. 1.2.0 Complient) Working Mode Read or Write Read Distance 1-10m (depends on the reader) Data retention 10 (years) Anti-collision Yes Dimension 105mm*35mm*0.3mm (customized) Base material Transparent PVC Operating temperature -100 C ~+700 C
Tripod Turnstile Supplier In Delhi NCR ASN-1000  Auto replacement function, reposition after person pass by  Anti tail function auto-lock once turn 120°  Arms auto drop when power off , insure unblocked when accident  Standard electronic interface, remote control through internet which is also could connect variety card readers and receive relay signal to work  Diverse control mode optional, changeable due to varying, convenient for your manage  Auto alert error function, comfort for user maintain and operate  Manual button or remote control , Bi-directional passage  Open signal with memory or without set function  Red and green light to show pass or stop, leisure to exit and entrance. Key Features  Cabinet & Internal Structure is in 304 SS grade.  Length of Swing Arm 500 to 550mm  With drop arm features  Unlock Time 0.2 second  Passing Speed 30-40 Person/Min.  Passing Width 500-550mm  Power Supply AC220, 50/60Hz  Operational Voltage Motor (24V)  Working Temp (-25°C to +75°C)  Protection Level 55IP  Electro Mechanical Drive DC  Dimension Excluding Bars (H980xW(480-1200)xD280mm)  Maximum power consumption 60W